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Fail! Especially as a kid..

Failure terrifies us all! The existence of a discouraging voice inside each and every one of us is what makes failure so terrifying. “If you fail, the society will ridicule you. Your partner will think less of you. Your parents and “well-wishers” would feel insulted.” For some, the voice sounds like that of a Giant, taunting them in their sleep. For others, it  resembles the cry of a poor, whimpering little rabbit, pulling their spirits down whenever they try to fight back. The question I have always had in my mind is why is it that we are so intimidated by the thought of not being successful? How do we perceive failure?

Our attitude towards failure takes shape very early on in our lives. Let me give you a very simple example. Growing up, I never passed exams at school till I turned 12. I never had enough attendance to get through my grade school finals. I had received all sorts of punishments, ranging from running repeatedly around the football ground to getting hit on my knuckles with a wooden ruler. Oh, I wasn’t mischievous. I was just not smart. My teachers openly declared that I was fit for nothing. My parents couldn’t get why I was like that, nor could they afford to spend time for it. My relatives were having their best time, constantly passing sarcastic remarks. As much as I pretended not to be affected by everything going on around me, there was this voice inside of me that kept convincing me that I was a failure and that I was not capable of getting ahead in life. Later in life, I  did attempt to push myself forward, but every time I failed at it, that goddamn voice hideously crept in. I had lost the little motivation I had and my self-esteem had plummeted.


I thought to myself about how different my life would have been without having to listen to that voice so early on in my life. Everyone has to face their battles in life. There is no way to escape. However, it would have been a lot easier without having to be threatened by the thought of turning into a “Loser”. Is there just one yardstick for success? I believe success is subjective and kids must not be penalised for not being the smartest kid in class or not being the best in sports. Children should be taught right from grade school,  especially in conservative communities of the world, that failure is a part of life and is nothing to be ashamed of. Failure should not be associated with something negative. Our survival depends on adaptation and no amount of failures is going to be enough to pave the path for being the best version of ourselves in life. In fact, let there be more “failures”. Bring it on! People must lend a helping hand to those young hearts which are struggling to deal with failure. Young souls need a source of positive reinforcement and not that of Self-blame.

We live in a world that respects perfectionists. In my opinion, perfectionism is overrated. Beg to differ! Be that person who is compassionate towards yourself and others around you by making room for imperfections. Nature is not perfect and not high-maintenance. Roll with it! If you learn to not let minor failures weigh you down as a kid, gradually, you will begin possessing a stronger mindset for enduring real problems in life. You will have the willpower and optimism to get back up.  You will develop greater confidence early on in your life to reflect on your mistakes and set things straight. You will begin to seek fulfilment through more meaningful experiences in life and discount the less significant downfalls of your life.

Keep failing.. Keep learning..Never stop growing!

Happy growing up 🙂

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