Welcome to my blog!

I am glad you decided to spend some of your precious time here..

Here’s a little bit about me..

I was trained to become a biologist, intuitively guided to pursue the field of holistic wellbeing, am constantly inspired by the divine creative intelligence, aspire to find meaning through benevolence and am fascinated by the big questions of the Universe.

This blog is my way of expressing my thoughts and perhaps, in some ways, provoking people to think in different ways. My intention for this blog is to possibly help some people with my written content and motivate others towards their journey of healing, self growth and happiness.

I love to engage with other fellow creators, involve myself in meaningful discussions and learn from one another about life. I am targeting people of 20-35 years of age with the topics I write about. Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@soulful_kite), where I intend to create motivational videos and quotes of my own.

Looking forward to getting to know my niche audience <3